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Floral Care

Once you receive your gift of flowers, you should keep them in a cool place.  Do not place in a warm window, in direct sunlight, close to a television set nor in a draft or near an air vent.  The room temperature should be 65 to 72 degrees Farhrenheit.

The water in your vase arrangement should be changed daily.  Use lukewarm to cool water and add floral food that accompanies the arrangement.  Trim 1/8" to 1/4" off the bottom of the floral stem with each water change.  If possible cut the stems under water.  Replace the flowers into fresh water immediately.

If the flowers are arranged in a container with foam, add water to the container as needed (if not every day).

Remove any foliage that will be underwater.

If flowers are well cared for, they should last for several days.  Certain flowers last longer than others.  Ask your florist for longevity and any special needs.

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